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Welcome to my little home on the web. My name is Adriaan AKA HypherionMC and HypherionSA. I am a modder, software developer, graphic and web designer, gamer, streamer and general nerd from South Africa.

Current unoffical EnderIO Inventory Panel maintainer, creator of Hyper Lighting and Hyper Lighting core and founder of Exploding Creeper Group.

About Me

So you may be wondering, why does this idiot need a website? Well, because I like making websites and I am much more than just a regular mod developer.

I am from South Africa and have been coding since early 2011. I have some popular windows software and I also contribute to open-source projects and to other mods and code.

Unlike other coders, I also run my own Jenkins and Maven servers as well as provide some coding support where I can. If you want to know more about my infrastructure, click the button below.

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